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Just took a massive dump…photo dump that is ?…to reflect on life lately.

We often talk about how social media only shows the highlights and how we never really know what people might be going through on the other side.

The light and dark, highs and lows, happy’s and crappies… We too often talk about life as if it was one or the other. My journey continues to remind me that the highs and lows are not mutually exclusive. They coexist, even walk hand-in-hand.

Between work in the ICU and infertility, I have been knocked down more times than I can count and had some laid flat, can’t-keep-doing-this, want-to-give-up moments. Yet the smiles in my photos, the wonderful memories and times shared with friends and family have been interwoven with (and just as real as) the tears, heartache, uncertainties and frustrations. (I’m just not the “snap a photo of myself ugly crying in the mirror” kind of gal, ya know?)

I guess the coexistence of such highs and lows feels even harder to grasp in a culture where everything is SO.DANG. POLARIZED. A culture that screams: If you are with “A” then you are against “B”, choose sides!

But I continue to walk the middle road where sorrow and joy share space. My heart is so burdened yet carried, there are so many tears but there is also laughter, my heart aches yet rejoices in all there is to be grateful for. I find hope in this middle space from the One who sustains my soul, I couldn’t do it otherwise.

…mostly just writing this down so I can remind myself when I grow weary.